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Just a quick note to let you know that the Monster mine we purchased from you guys has really paid off!….  Here is the news of our haul: the Ruby came in at 3.79 Carats and is going for faceting here in Edmonton. We also have found 43.12 carats of gem quality sapphires so far ranging from 0.23 on up to 0.83 carats. We have four that are well over the carat, one is almost 4 carats but it is cracked and the others are a little cloudy.

Also, there are a number of smaller rubies that total out at 6.51 carats. Plus, (and this is the kicker) there is a 0.93 carat totally clear stone that everyone is confident is an actual diamond in the rough.So Deb, without showing too much enthusiasm, I can tell you that we not only had a blast when we came to your place, we keep on having it each night when we got home as we panned the balance out and it sure paid dividends. I still cannot believe that all of this came out of that single 3 1/2 Gallon pail. Truly astounding!!!!If you need any kind of testimonial, I will add this for you. I have just moments ago returned from our Favorite Jewel Store and showed them to the guys there. We have dealt with them for over 30 years and trust their judgment. They are sure that some of the clear stones are in fact diamonds. They are absolutely sure that the 3.79 Ruby is indeed a Ruby. They scoped it and did what they do to check and said that it passed all the tests as being a Ruby.If you require a shorter, more to the point Testimonial, just ask and it will be done. Donna and I had a great time and I am here to tell you that we will be back and have actually been asked to pick up a bag or two for some friends. Hunting season will keep me here also, when the Elk are in Rut and the Moose are also, I am in the woods calling and doing my “guy thing,” as the wife calls it…….being one with the trees!

See you soon.  Ron & Donna Arnold
Edmonton, Alberta


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