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I just wanted to report to you that I finally got around to sorting my second 3.5 gallon sapphire gravel.  I feel like a pro now. I carefully washed and examined with two sets of eyes and found more in this bag than the first. I found 18 sapphires and 4 garnets in the first bag. This bag netted at least:

14 green sapphires
19 light blue to light purple sapphires
16 garnets
34 maybes  (the experts will have to look at these, I suspect they are quartz)

One of the green ones is a really nice size and very clear. My second set of eyes found that one. He is a ten year old boy named Joel. He was so excited.  I think he is hooked! He is going to have it cut, mounted and then give it to his mom. How sweet.

The garnets this time were better looking, but still a little on the small side. I’ll order some more gravel in a little while. Thanks for the fun and keep up the good work!

Dan Bovinich, Rochester Hills, Michigan

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