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I showed up back in the first week of December and bought two bags to “go” and dug one bucket of my own from the top of the hill. Then bin January we ordered 4 bags, 2 each from Spokane Bar and 2 each from El Dorado and did all our mining at home. The 7.2 carat came from the bucket along with a bunch of small BB’s – most of the green rough came from the ElDorado bags and the other colors came from the Sapphire Bar. El Dorado stones were larger, Sapphire Bar stones prettier.

In that picture there are 8 rows of 11 each and then there are approximately 15 or so garnets at the bottom. We also picked out a bag of “B-B’s” as I called them, there were 125 small ones in there of quite a few colors, mostly blue and green with a few pinks, and a couple that are yellow.

So from 6 bags and one hand dug bucket we “mined” approximately 88 Sapphires with the largest being a green 7.2 carat rough – the total carat weight for all of the sapphires excluding the bag of BB’s was 110 carats in the rough – the 125 BB’s of which a good portion can be faceted had a carat weight of 20.


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