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Here are stones from both the El Dorado and Spokane mines.  The big, light blue, is just under1.5 carats.   I think it is destined for a pendant. The light yellow is 54 points, and the dark yellow (almost a Padh, a little too yellow) is 15 points.  The dark one in the front is an interesting 1/2 carat tricolor.  I couldn’t capture the beauty of it, unfortunately.  It is evenly divided, on a diagonal, with blue, yellow in the middle, and then green.   Elliot Sher cut all of these (along with about 140 others from the bags), all the way from 5 points  up to 1.5 carats.  A superb job. The first time we went to the mine, we found a beautiful blue that cut to 40 points, which a good friend now has in her engagement ring.  Finally, that marquis cut is about 1 shade off from being a ruby.  We found one a touch darker that our local jeweler still is undecided whether to call it a ruby or a very dark pink sapphire.  Thanks for all the fun diggings.

Doug Thomas,


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