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I just recently got my stones back

I just recently got my stones back from Rocky and I have a lot of nice ones in there.
I showed them to a jeweler friend of mine and he said that I have
1- Rhodolite Garnet, 48 facets, .60 carrots oval
1- Pyrope garnet, 46 facets, .27 carrots square
1-pyrope garnet, 45 facets, .45 carrots oval
1- padparadscha (orange) Sapphire, 52 facets, .062 carrots round
1- Dark Pink Sapphire 64 facets, .222 carrots round
1- Bicolor lt yellow surrounding included dark yellow Sapphire, 68+ facets, .81 carrots ,round

1- Lt. Teal Green Sapphire, 49 facets, .40 carrots oval
1- Ceylon sapphire, 48 facets, .23 carrots, oval
1-Aqua Blue Sapphire, 54 facets, .147 carrots oval
1- Flawless Lime Green Sapphire, 68 facets, .18 carrots, oval
1- Bicolor faded aqua blue and yellow, 48 facets, .107 carrots

Plus many more smaller ones of varying colors ranging from dark blue to yellow to white or clear. All different cuts, and shapes.
Do you know of any resources that would be interested in purchasing them.
Attached are some pictures of what I’ve got. hope that they will show how pretty they are.

This was all found at your mine. pretty cool.

Let me know what you can find out for me.

Sue Raimann


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