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I’m Hooked

I’m hooked!!!  I’ve just ordered my second Monster Mine and I can hardly wait until it arrives!!!  You had me when I saw that first, beautiful gleaming blue stone staring up at me from my table.  From that moment on all I could think about was sifting through my rocks!  My friends all thought I was crazy when I told them that I had ordered my husband a bag of rocks for his birthday, that is until I showed them the results of our labors!  It was so much fun and so exciting!  Almost every scoop of rocks that I sorted through had something in it!  Many had two or three stones, and some of them are extraordinarily beautiful!  I can’t wait to get them faceted but I don’t want to part with them just yet… I’m going to try scanning them this weekend so that I can send you a picture of my loot!  If there’s anyone out there who’s debating on whether to order or not, I say do not hesitate!  The Monster Mine was was everything that I hoped it would be and soooo much more!  Anyone who wants to write to me about it is more than welcome to!  My address is

Tami Harris,
July 30, 2003

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