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I thought you’d like to see cooked and faceted sapphires from the Mine…This was the result of our findings since about 6 months ago. It takes a while to get the rough cooked and then faceted. After seeing these as the “fruits of our mining” experiences, it is well worth it! These stones range in carat weight from .25 to less than .05carat. There are blue, green, yellow and pink represented. Nature is sure wonderfully represented at The Spokane.

Our next faceting order should be back in August or September. Many of those gems will be from the Eldorado. I can’t wait to see them because we sent some larger rough of gem quality. I put the dime in again as a reference to give a better idea of what to expect the finished stones to look like. They also did a great job on the garnets we included. What struck me is how small a stone can be faceted!! Essher and Company sure does a great job.

I want to thank you and “The Gang” for giving us the opportunity to experience the thrill of mining sapphires no matter where we are…even in the Florida wetlands!!Many of these treasures will find there way into jewelry settings so others may enjoy the Spokane and Eldorado gems. Obviously I look forward to more mining opportunities  in the future. Thank you again.

Nick George,


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