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Such wonderful comments about this ring!! I wanted the mount to be simple yet elegant. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy wearing it and knowing that its from the Mine and I found it and followed through to its completion.

As I said before..The stone was found at the Spokane as a 7ct.+ piece of rough.(People can see earlier pictures of the rough under “Testimonials”). It was sent to Elliott Sher at Shergems, heat treated in the U.S. and sent for faceting in Thailand.

The finished stone weighs 4.45 carats oval cut, a pleasing medium blue in a white gold men’s setting. It is bezel mounted to reduce exposure to the stone through daily use.

I don’t know if other people have attempted to have their finds appraised. You have to find someone competent who is willing to do this procedure. A jeweler I talked with said there is no test for sapphire!! All I can say is take plenty of pictures of your finds!! Document when you found them and where. Build a true history of your gem finds. This is especially true if your thinking of selling your finished gems!

Deb…I’ve again bent your ear…Yet I believe its important for us long-distance miners to enjoy our passion to the fullest. Be well.

Nick George


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