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Sapphire Mine Discovered!

Let your valuable gems before the deposits are all gone.  Orders will be filled on a first come first filled basis.  Sapphire gravel orders are filled directly from the pits of Montana’s premiere sapphire mine – Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine & Gold Fever Rock Shop.

No, there is no ‘bar’ at the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine.  However, the mine does actually exist.  This quaint turn of the century mine sits on the banks of Hauser Lake as the Missouri River flows in ‘Big Sky Country’ – Helena, Montana.  Visitors come through the mine digging through the gravel looking for sapphires every day.

About Us

The Spokane gravel bar, on the banks of Hauser Lake, was named by geologists mapping the Missouri River area in the early 1900’s.  This gravel bar is the location of an exciting sapphire strike along the Missouri River.

Hauser Lake was named after Samuel T. Hauser, one of Montana’s Territorial Governors.  Hauser played a significant role in Spokane Bar’s mining history.  Governor Hauser and his three partners worked the gravel bar for gold.  Heavy stones plugged the sluice boxes.  The puzzled miners sent the samples to England where they were identified as sapphires and termed valueless.

Heaps of boulders, barren bentonite hills and gullies filled with buffalo berry brush lure gold fevered visitors into the mystique of the past.  Now overgrown with pine trees, juniper and brush, this historic site is a haven for wildlife and present-day miners.  Today’s visitors can see remnants of ditches that hint of a complex water system that carried water from a source ten miles away.

Today, you can find sapphires in every color at the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine.  The natural Sapphire crystal structure is hexagon with triangle terminations which are often flat.  The most commonly found color is green-blue.  Blue sapphire is the best known color.  Ruby is a red sapphire which is one of the most prized.

Sapphires from 1/2 carat up to 10 carats are fairly common.  The largest known sapphire from the Spokane Bar was 155 carats, found by a man from Idaho.  Other finds, though uncommon, are diamond, topaz, citrine, and ruby.  Garnets of several varieties can be found;  the largest on record weighed 40 carats.  The largest gem quality sapphire was 50 carats…………………so far….! Order your bucket of sapphire gravel today!  It makes a great gift.