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Pick of the Week

Small sapphire tubs now available.

Monster Mine - 3 1/2 gallons of bulk sapphire gravel to mine from your own home.

Small Tub

Go Mining!

Purchase sapphire gravel to 'mine' sapphires from the comfort of your own home. Makes a great gift idea!


Does EVERYONE find sapphires?...

Dear Russ and Deb Thompson,
"Hello, this is Deana. My husband Clay, my girls and my obnoxious dog as well as myself were there this past Monday and Tuesday. I just thought I'd drop you a brief line to let you know that we found 20 sapphires totaling 38 carats, many of them 2 carats and over. We had a great time! I really enjoyed myself. Thanks you."  Deana

Q.Can you recommend a place to stay?

A. You can contact the state commerce department 1-800-visitmt or go to their link on our site at www.sapphiremine.com and request an accomodations guide and travel brochures.  Helena, the state capitol, is a ten mile drive.  Also check Helena Chamber of Commerce (1-406-442-4120). You have choices of motels, bed and breakfast, forest service cabins (US government in the phone book-1-406-449-5490) or campgrounds within 3 miles of the sapphire mine (state-Devil's Elbow, Clark's Bay; federal-Vigilante Campground, private-Lincoln Road RV, Helena Campground or Kim's Marina).

Q. I read that the mine opens on April 1st, what's the best time of the year to go?

A.  The Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine is open year around but the digging is no fun if the ground is still frozen.  April can be iffy - so call for weather updates.  You can see local temperature and forecasts on the local newspaper: www.helenair.com. Heaven in Montana starts after the 4th of July and continues through September. View photos of the mine (winter months vs. summer) under "Newsletters" or order sapphire gravel to mine at home at www.sapphiremine.com

Here's How The Mining Works

The following is a sample process of 'Mining from Home' and what the process and the stones look like.  The example below is a REAL example from a previous customer.  Click on the pictures to see photo enlargements.


Sapphire Gravel From Helena MT

TESTIMONIAL:  "I bought three bags of Sapphire gravel from the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine. Two bags are from the Old El Dorado Sapphire Mine that is now closed. I received them on Tuesday afternoon from the UPS driver. I can still hear him grumbling about how heavy they where LOL. Well I took them down stairs and started the first bag from the El Dorado Mine by using two screens, one 1/4 " and one 1/16" screen. I have found 31 Sapphires in this bag so far. I will still do two more steps to make sure I get all the Sapphires that I might of missed the first time. Today I started the second and found 43 Sapphires so far."

Special thanks to Carl Mauritz for the info on this page.

Box of El Dorado Sapphire Gravel arrives from UPS.

First, you must screen the gravel.

Here are El Dorado Sapphires in the rough that I found in bag one.

More El Dorado Sapphires in the rough that I found in bag one.

Can you see the Sapphire in here?  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Can you see it now?

El Dorado Sapphires in the rough that I found in bag two: 43 of them total.

More El Dorado Sapphires that I found in bag two.

Here is a Christmas Elf Bag ordered.

See if you can find the El Dorado Sapphires in here?

See if you can find the El Dorado Sapphires in here? (close up)

Here is an example of a light box for viewing stones.


Spokane Bar Sapphires and Garnets from bag three of my first order on the light box.