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Pick of the Week

Small sapphire tubs now available.

Monster Mine - 3 1/2 gallons of bulk sapphire gravel to mine from your own home.

Small Tub

Go Mining!

Purchase sapphire gravel to 'mine' sapphires from the comfort of your own home. Makes a great gift idea!


Does EVERYONE find sapphires?...

Dear Russ and Deb Thompson,
"Hello, this is Deana. My husband Clay, my girls and my obnoxious dog as well as myself were there this past Monday and Tuesday. I just thought I'd drop you a brief line to let you know that we found 20 sapphires totaling 38 carats, many of them 2 carats and over. We had a great time! I really enjoyed myself. Thanks you."  Deana

Q.Can you recommend a place to stay?

A. You can contact the state commerce department 1-800-visitmt or go to their link on our site at www.sapphiremine.com and request an accomodations guide and travel brochures.  Helena, the state capitol, is a ten mile drive.  Also check Helena Chamber of Commerce (1-406-442-4120). You have choices of motels, bed and breakfast, forest service cabins (US government in the phone book-1-406-449-5490) or campgrounds within 3 miles of the sapphire mine (state-Devil's Elbow, Clark's Bay; federal-Vigilante Campground, private-Lincoln Road RV, Helena Campground or Kim's Marina).

Q. I read that the mine opens on April 1st, what's the best time of the year to go?

A.  The Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine is open year around but the digging is no fun if the ground is still frozen.  April can be iffy - so call for weather updates.  You can see local temperature and forecasts on the local newspaper: www.helenair.com. Heaven in Montana starts after the 4th of July and continues through September. View photos of the mine (winter months vs. summer) under "Newsletters" or order sapphire gravel to mine at home at www.sapphiremine.com

Rocks and Minerals for Sale

>>Instruction Card for mining sapphire gravel.
>>IMPORTANT:  Make sure you choose your shipping location when placing your order.  Otherwise, the form will not allow you to place your order


Mining for Sapphires: The sapphire gravel is currently being mined from a pit that is 28 feet deep. The overburden has been removed to the pay level. We dig the last four feet and into the bedrock shale with a 955 loader. The gravel is transported to the trommel where masses of material are concentrated by machine. The light weight gravel is washed away. The heavy gravel is transported to a drying bin and bucketed for sale as concentrate. The gravel is a result of an ancient, alluvial, river deposit left on a bench or gravel bar 100 feet above the current Missouri River. There are many naturally occurring minerals, besides sapphires, garnets and gold that one may find. Those rocks and minerals are described in the tour booklet.

BerylKilos of Beryl
Kilos of Beryl for sale, limited supply, used for faceting, cabochons or crafts.  About 15-20 percent are faceting quality.  Light blue and pale aqua colors  .
Supply limited.

Price:  $89.00
Shipping Included inside contenental USA . 

$89.00 US Postpaid   


ADDITIONAL NOTES:  We also sell many other precious stones, minerals, and fossils.

Most orders shipped via UPS ground (unless otherwise specified):

bullet All weights and measurements are approximate and will vary somewhat depending upon the heavy materials in the package, such as iron content or dampness of the material. We have averaged the shipping costs for an overall package cost.
bullet Prices subject to change. All funds are in U.S. dollars.
bullet UPS orders outside Continental USA are higher because of shipping fees. If shipped via USPS (vs. UPS), shipping time takes 6-8 weeks.

Return Policy:  

There are no guarantees.  If you want a guarantee, order the GemKit, as we have added gemstones to make them guaranteed.  The sapphire gravel cannot be returned.  The material is very costly due to the weight.  Sapphires are a valuable gemstone.  If even one rough sapphire is extracted out of the gravel, the value of the shipment has been tampered or diminished.  We cannot know if this has happened.   We cannot guarantee your ultimate success.  The rough sapphire must be faceted to have a finished product.  This takes a lot of time and the final result is unknown.  Sapphires are a naturally occurring mineral.  They are known to have inclusions and imperfections.  They are often colorless and their value can be low or unverified.  This material is sold so you can experience mining for fun and recreation.  It can be a hobby or for the enjoyment of rock and gem collectors.  High value sapphires, gold nuggets and other minerals are known to be found in all material sold.